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Student Accounting System

Student Accounting System ( SAS ) does managing and monitoring student fee and related costs, which is a vital task for the university administration. SAS provides a flexible fee management system by maintaining a ledger for each student. Student ledger will have the credit and debit transaction made by the student on a semester / annual basis. SAS is a powerful and Internet based application, designed to help the university to provide valuable information to student, staff and the management. SAS consists of fully independent functional modules each designed to increase the efficiency of departments in a university and to provide online information SAS offers a flexible, object-oriented design that readily adapt to the operational requirements, enhancing efficiency,
productivity, information access and strategic decision-making. SAS is a fully integrated, user friendly, reliable, secured, customizable & upgradeable product. SAS was successfully implemented at the largest public university in Malaysia with a student population of 60,000. The university is successfully using SAS on a day to day basis and has derived a lot of benefit in terms of getting timely information, faster information access for students and staff. SAS has made the administration more efficient through the automation process and manual work has been reduced considerably.

  • University of Putra - Malaysia
  • Undergraduate School ( UG )
  • Graduate School Office
  • Program Pelajaran Lanjutan ( PPL )
  • Distance Learning School ( IDEAL )
  • Campus Bintulu
  • Fakulti Ekonomi dan Pengurusan (FEP)
  • Fakulti Komunikasi dan Bahasa Moden (FBMK)