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Case Management System (CMS) - On Cloud

Case Management System provide end-to-end solution for the law firm to maintain and keep track of their case information along with the scheduler, Time Tracking, Appointment, Task Management, Expense Tracking, Maintenance of Case History, Complete Document Management and Integrated with Microsoft Office for simple business process.

"Functional Features
  • Streamline the Case information and organize the case activities
  • Manage the Documents at a centralized location with ease search. Accessibe at anytime from anywhere.
  • A web enabled solution accessible 24x7.
  • Sophisticated user Monitoring, Auditing and Logging System.
  • Robust Search Capability.
  • Efficient Client Communication Tools - Secured Chat, Event Calender, Email & Collaboration of Document in a secured environment
  • Ease Billing and Payment Tracking
  • Effective Document Management system integration with Microsoft Office plug-in (Word, Excel and Outlook). Effective document merge functionality to create various document based on different use cases
  • Mobile CMS - Client can access the case on Mobile and update the case notes. Able to view the document on mobile.
  • Chatbot - Answer any queries raised by the end user for a specific case based on the data available. Help in scheduling appointment and remind on Case Hearing/other activities
  • Access privileges restricted with authentication and group / user level security.

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